The first time you meet a dog, you can get a good idea of how old he or she is. When we met Carl for this week's Furry Friday, he had puppy written all over him. He was wiggly, active, and full of love. Yes, Carl is only about 6 months old and is definitely a puppy. But he is full of more love and affection than almost any dog we'ver ever met!

Carl has a thing about personal space. He doesn't care about it. When he comes to see you he is on your lap and in your face! His thick tail was thumping all over the place this week. Carl is currently in foster care but can be adopted through Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids. They believe he might be a bulldog mix, and judging by the size of his paws he's still got some growing left to do. He gets along well with other dogs, but mainly larger breeds. He's young and energetic so he needs someone who can keep up with his active lifestyle!

If you love Carl as we do, then contact Last Hope and bring him home today!

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