You just might encounter something new on your next visit to McDonald's. They've begun to introduce self-ordering kiosks in the state of Iowa.

McDonald's Introduces Self-Service Kiosks
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

Will customers use them? The answer appears to be 'Yes.' According to Business Insider, sales have gone up at the restaurants that have the new toys. Bad choice of word... you don't get a child's toy just for ordering at a kiosk.

Do these new machines mean bad news for McDonald's employees? Nope. McDonald's spokeswoman Anne Christensen told the Des Moines Register some workers will be "playing the hospitality role," but nobody will be losing their jobs as a result of the kiosks. For those challenged by the new technology, employees will be able to help us out. You order your food at the kiosk and then take a seat. An employee will bring your food to the table for you. That, I like a lot.

McDonald's locations in Ankeny (2502 SE Delaware Ave.) and Johnston (5494 NW 86th St.) already have the new kiosks. McDonald's plans to have them in 2,500 locations by the end of 2017, according to Bustle. Will you use it, or wait in line at the counter?

What do you think... will you use it, or wait in line at the counter?

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