Millions of packages of frozen fruits and vegetables sold in all 50 states are now being recalled.

More than 400 different products from CRF Frozen Foods in Pasco, Washington are now involved in a newly-expanded recall, according to KCCI. They were sold as long ago as 2014 in stores like Safeway, Costco, Target, and Trader Joe's. The fear is they may be contaminated with listeria. The bacteria can affect pregnant women, the elderly, organ transplant patients, and people with certain diseases, according to

The recall includes the brands below. The complete item-by-item list is available on the FDA website:
Columbia River Organics
Northwest Growers Select
Organic by Nature
Canadian-Costco Wholesale Organic by Nature
C.H. Belt's
Chef Maxwell
Correct Choice
Earth's Pride
Farmer's Bounty
Fiesta Mart
The Inn
Live Smart
O Organic
Panda Express
Pantry Essentials
Safeway Kitchens
Signature Kitchens
Trader Joe's
Wellsley Farms
Mity Fresh
Mountain Mist
Overhill Farms
Veggie Maria
Life Foods
Emerald Farms
Great Value
James Farm
Kirkland Signature
Price First
Season's Choice
Simply Nature
True Goodness
Wild Oats

The CRF Frozen Foods plant closed two weeks ago. The cause of the contamination has still not been determined.

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