The Marion Public Library will no longer be changing locations. A planned relocation into the Marion Square Plaza has been scrapped. This comes as a result of budget issues the city is seeing. A $5 million dollar gap from the original total cost of construction is another reason the move has been put on hold.

While both city leaders and officials with the library plan to work on a new project, the staff is already looking to make some renovations to the existing building. The overall goal is to make more room for children and teenagers. Additional seating will be added throughout the library. Current areas will also be made more accessible. Shelves and books will be moved from the back left corner of the library to make the room a larger area for teens. The same will be done at the front for smaller children.

The library sees an average of 1,000 visitors per day. That number has staff and city officials pushing for change.

[via CBS2]

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