As a resident of Marion, I know that if the Marion Police Department's phone number came up on my phone, I'd answer it. But it turns out that scammers are using the PD's phone number in an effort to trick citizens into paying them money.

According to officials, the department has received numerous reports that someone is using their phone number in a scam called 'spoofing'. In these calls, residents are told that they'll be arrested if they don't come to the department in the next half an hour to deal with an IRS matter. Let's look at the two big problems with these calls.

First of all, the IRS will never contact you by phone to deal with a tax issue. That's red flag number one. Number two is the fact that the Marion Police Department says that they do not deal with matters involving the IRS. The phone number being used is 319-377-1511. Residents that get spoofing calls should disregard the message.

Police officials say the incidents remain under investigation.


[via Gazette]


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