Several days ago, I wrote about the Marion Independent School District's latest attempt to find a new school mascot. Thirty-nine choices were presented to members of the school district along with the students who attend school there. The choices of been narrowed down to three for a final vote. Thank God there are no Mallards or Manatees!

Here are the three most popular choices, and how they are described on the ballot:

  • Wolves - Attributes: strong, intelligent, social, will work as a team. Potential student section could be named The Den or The Pack
  • Storm - Attributes: strong, powerful, a force to be reckoned with. Potential student section could be called The Eye or The Atmosphere.
  • Marion - (No team name. Example: Marion Cross Country)

If you've been following along on this journey, you no doubt know what my choice has been from the beginning. And here it is again! Available to choose as the winner! I submit to you the Marion Red Storm! There is a Storm Warning in the Marion gym tonight! I also believe that the student section could come up with better names than those given. Google 'weather puns' and have at it!

I wouldn't be too upset with the Marion Wolves, although you'd really have to invest in a fierce logo. That of course would take more money and time, and probably another vote. And not having a mascot name? Just being Marion? It would work for some things I suppose. But I just can't see the crowd getting excited for Friday Night Lights when their 'Marion Football Team' takes the field.

Voting by members of the school district goes through May 9th.

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