When a firefighter or any first responder gets a call, they never really know what they're in for. It could be an accident. It might be a heart attack. Or as was the case for several Marion firefighters it might just be a woman in labor.

As KCRG reports, the day started off just like any other for Marion firefighters Lieutenant Mark Hinrichs, Evan Barry, and William Zamastil. Then they received the call of a woman who was in active labor. When crews arrived they realized that they didn't have time to get the woman to the hospital in time. Lieutenant Hinrichs told KCRG what happened next.

She started having a contraction, we could see the head coming. So, we radioed the ambulance that was responding and let them know what was going on and before you knew it we were cutting the cord and suctioning the baby’s airway and everything went well.

While the three firefighters are trained for situations like this, they were happy to have a happy outcome. Firefighter and paramedic Evan Barry told KCRG that they were a little nervous when they realized how far along she was, but that eventually, the training takes over. The special delivery took place back in May, but mom and baby recently visited the fire station to say thank you.

Firefighter William Zamastil told KCRG that it was a day that they won't soon forget and that it's all just "part of the job."

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