If you live in Marion like I do, you might notice that the water out of your faucets has a little extra 'color' to it. Don't panic, the water is still safe to drink and use and it's all part of the great flush of 2019. It's actually something that the fire department does each spring.

The city is flushing all the fire hydrants in the city to make sure they're ready to go in case of an emergency. Officials say that it's important to flush the hydrants to get rid of rust and sediment on the bottom of the water mains. It's also a good time to check and make sure that the hydrants are working properly in case they're needed due to a fire. All of Marion's nearly 3,000 hydrants will need to be flushed and that could take well into May.

Any discoloration in your water is iron that comes up during the flushing process. Officials suggest running cold water until the color disappears.


[via CBS2]

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