Maren Morris had big plans for 2020: After taking some time off from touring to give birth to her son Hayes and settle into life as a family of three with husband and fellow artist Ryan Hurd, she'd get back on the road in June for her RSVP Tour.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, however, Morris pushed her plans to 2021 before ultimately canceling the trek all together in December. At the time, she hinted that she'd been productive during quarantine, writing new music and making plans for her third studio album, and in a new interview, the singer shares that she's, in fact, quite far along in the process.

"I have got, I would say, mostly a full record written. And I'm leaving in a couple of weeks to start recording with Greg Kurstin," Morris tells Apple Music's Zane Lowe in a conversation released on Wednesday (Jan. 13). Kurstin, along with Morris and the late Busbee, co-produced Morris' most recent album, 2019's Girl, her sophomore major-label record.

"[Canceling my tour] was definitely sad. But at the same time, I've never had this much time to myself to write and not have an end point or some sort of time lock on it," Morris continues. "With my second record, I feel like I had to write that so quickly. And I'm not trying to disparage it by any means — I just think now, I'm just so excited to have some space to write."

Morris tells Lowe that she'll be bringing son Hayes with her when she heads out of Nashville to start the recording process, though she doesn't offer up details on where they'll be or if Hurd will be with them, too. She'd planned to bring the baby boy, who will turn one in March, with her on tour, but she's relishing in the extra time at home she's had with him.

"The silver lining of everything getting canceled tour-wise is that we are really getting to have all this time that we wouldn't have had the same way with Hayes," she gushes. "So, that's been great."

Morris notes that she's ready to go back out on tour "when it's safe," though she has no set, announced plans at this time. "But I think this is such a creative time for all creatives. And so I'm just trying to lean into it and not worry about a deadline," she adds.

"There's a lot of songs coming in because there is no deadline."

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