We took a long walk down memory lane this week!

On Tuesday morning, Brain and I got into a discussion about the shows that we would like to see a reboot of. Brain chose 'The Wonder Years,' which was one of his favorite shows growing up. There was a very specific reason it was one of his favorite shows, though, and her name is Winnie Cooper.

Brain revealed that Danica McKellar, the actress that played Winnie, was his very first celebrity crush. Growing up in the 90s, the first celebrity crush I remember was Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. A few short years later, it was Nick's younger brother Aaron Carter.

We asked you to share your celebrity crushes on Facebook this week! Here are a few of the responses:

  • Nick Schultz - "Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy!"
  • Tyler Dickenson - "Jennifer Lawrence! The way she shoots that bow in hunger games. 10/10"
  • Emilie Hein - "JTT! Johnathan Taylor Thomas!"
  • Rachel Ozburn - "Joe McIntyre NKOTB. Still have the collective cards."
  • Shelly Everts McGeough - "Patrick Swayze when Dirty Dancing came out!"
  • Diane Weber - "Mine was Eddie Rabbit. I still love him today!! But, my mom's was John Wayne. So much so she carried a picture of him in her wallet!"
  • Markham Harris - "She may be 13 years my senior, but forever frozen at 19 when she played Wendy Peffercorn. Marley Shelton!"
  • Holly Hansen Soppe - "River Phoenix! I had his Pop Magazine clips all over my room!"
  • Estrella Leija-Homewood - "Tom Cruise after seeing him in Top Gun!"
  • Sandra Fischer - "Kirk Cameron on Growing Pains (definitely no longer have a crush)."
  • VaNessa Connelly - "Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbor. We used to call him Josh HOTnett."
  • Nancy McNeil - "Donny Osmond back in the early 70s."
  • Heather McArtor - "Gerald Butler when he was the phantom in Phantom of the Opera. My favorite musical. That Scottish accent melts me."
  • Mike Holt - "Kelly Kapowski!!!"
  • Derek Meyer - "The original Daisy Duke!!!! Catherine Bach."
  • Janelle Schoonover - "David Cassidy"
  • Emilee Upah - "Not Orlando Bloom, but Orlando Bloom as Legolas."
  • Missy Boardrow - "Corey Haim... but loved him more when he was working next to Feldman."

Who was your very first celebrity crush? Let us know in the comments below!

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