When it comes to fast-food restaurants, nearly every Iowan has one thing in common... they're our weakness. When you're out and about and hunger strikes, you're likely to hit one for a burger, some tacos, chicken, or a hot or iced drink. The last item on that list, hot or iced drink, seems to have shot up in popularity in recent years. So which of those popular spots are most-popular? Here are the details, based on the numbers of each restaurant in relation to Iowa's population.

First a startling fact. According to NiceRx, over 33 percent of Americans eat fast food each day. Wow, no wonder our waistlines are expanding. Thanks to more than a quarter of a million fast-food restaurants around the United States, we have plenty of options.

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In the battle for the most locations of respective chains, the east coast winner is clearly Dunkin' Donuts. The chain has 16.4 locations for every 100,000 people in the state of Rhode Island. Dunkin has the highest concentration of restaurants in at least five eastern states, with all of them having more than a dozen stores per 100,000 people.

The three states with the most fast-food restaurants in relation to their population? Hawaii is tops, with 97.5 per 100,000 residents. New York comes in second at 92.3, while Maryland is third at 89.7. The state of Iowa is #41 with 67.7 restaurants per 100,000 residents.

Below, we count down the ten in Iowa with the most restaurants per capita.

*Thanks to our sister station, WROK, in Rockford, Illinois for the inspiration behind this story.

Iowa's 10 Most Popular Fast-Food Restaurants

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