According to a new picture circulating the internet, a man at a Detroit Lions game decided to let a fellow football fan know that his girlfriend is a "cheat."

A man named Lye was in the stands at a football game, and couldn't help but notice that the pregnant woman in front of him was sending some questionable text messages to a man that was NOT the one sitting next to her (who appeared to be her boyfriend). Some of the texts supposedly said things like, "I wish I was with you all day," and, "I will see you as soon as I am done with him." That's when Lye decided to step in and handed the man a note that read:

"Hey bro, I don't know you and you don't know me. When you get home check your girl's phone. She's been texting "Jason" saying she wishes she was with him all day! Take care, wish you the best, Happy Thanksgiving, and #ChiveOn!"

The photo of the note and a photo of the back of the woman's head have since gone viral, and some people are applauding the man, but some people are really unhappy with his decision to intervene in a relationship he knows nothing about.

What do you think? Should he have stepped in and said something, or should he have just stayed out of it? Leave a comment below.

See more details and the photos HERE.