If you want to see the solar eclipse, but couldn't get your hands on any of those fancy glasses--don't worry! Here are some simple hacks you can use to make sure you don't miss out on all of the magic. Check out some of these quick and easy tutorials found on YouTube to help protect your eyes from the solar eclipse.

1. Use a Cereal Box

Make yourself some eclipse glasses by using something you probably have in your house right now--a cereal box!

2. Use Your Sunglasses

Turn an old pair of sunglasses into eclipse glasses! Just take a flame to the lenses and you've got yourself some protection from the sun.

3.  Use an Old Picture Frame

A glass picture frame could create the perfect picture of the eclipse for you.

4. Use Your Phone

If all else fails, you could always turn the camera on your phone to selfie mode. Then just angle it over your shoulder at the eclipse and watch it right from your phone.


Happy viewing!

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