Maddie Poppe has won American Idol!!!! If you can't tell, we're just a little excited. All of Iowa was shakin' in their boots waiting for the winner's name to be announced, and they celebrated when that name was Maddie Poppe! It was such an emotional moment especially for Maddie, who had to sing her single "Going Going Gone" afterwards. No pressure right!? She had some trouble singing while being so emotional, but luckily some other Idol contestants joined in to help her out. Check out the magical moment below.

Last night was probably extremely overwhelming for Maddie, to say the least. We hadn't heard from her until this afternoon when she posted this on her Instagram to all of her fans including BOYFRIEND and fellow Idol finalist Caleb Lee Hutchinson.

So sweet! We learned last night on the grand finale that Caleb and Maddie were an item, but clearly this rainbow connection has been going on for quite some time. Maddie's words in her post are giving us all of the feels. Just look at these two.

We couldn't be more proud or excited to have this girl represent Iowa as the American Idol!

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