Maddie Poppe caused a group hug among the judges during the Top 14 round of American Idol Sunday night in Hollywood. She showed her incredible vocal range with the 1966 Simon and Garfunkel hit 'Homeward Bound.'

Katy Perry immediately closed her eyes as Maddie's performance started, seemingly soaking in every magical moment. Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan clearly loved it as well. If their actions didn't speak loudly enough, their words certainly did when Maddie concluded the song.

Katy Perry's comments included: "I closed my eyes and I thought I was listening to Joni Mitchell. You are so special."
Luke Bryan praised her with: "I pray the people at home just felt what I felt in this room... What a ride."
Lionel Richie went a step further: "You present you on every song. I applaud you because you continue that... that's called a career and maybe a winner on American Idol."

There were several other solid performances last night, but I see Maddie as a clear Top 5 on this show. If she doesn't continue into the Top 10 tonight, America got it wrong.

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