Maddie Marlow of Maddie & Tae says that her bandmate, Tae Dye, is obsessed with Christmas. It works out pretty well for the pair, however, since Marlow's husband, Jonah Font, is also a hardcore Christmas fan.

"Jonah is a Christmas fanatic," Marlow shared with The Boot in 2018. "Him and Tae are very kindred spirits, where both of them go nuts ... They are Christmas maniacs, and I love it."

Font, Marlow says, has one specific "non-negotiable" tradition: "We have to get a real tree ... It's a dealbreaker for him." And while they both enjoy observing traditions inherited from both of their families, they recently started a new one of their own, thanks to Font's desire for a real tree.

"For the past couple years, we trim a little part of the trunk off and make it into an ornament," Marlow explains.

Dye, meanwhile, says her favorite Christmas tradition is a longstanding arrangement with her siblings that dates back to her early childhood. The family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, at their parents' home -- so they have Christmas Day to spend at their grandparents' house, with extended family -- and it's all about togetherness.

"We all sleep in the same room," Dye relates. "We still all pile in a room with bedding on the floor just so we can wake up together. We've done it since I was a child and we're just not breaking the tradition!"

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