Merry Christmas a couple of days early from the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT).

The IDOT announced Wednesday morning that the new flyover ramp from I-80 eastbound to I-380 northbound has opened. Drivers heading east toward Coralville that wish to travel northbound to North Liberty or Cedar Rapids will now use the elevated bridge that goes overtop of Interstate 380. The cloverleaf ramp is closed, so make sure you don't miss the earlier exit. However, if you do, you can easily turn around at the Coralville exit just up the road on I-80 eastbound.

Eastbound travelers wishing to go northbound will take the same exit as those going to southbound 218. Once up the exit, you'll take the left side of the off-ramp to get onto the on-ramp for the new flyover bridge that goes over all lanes of I-80 before merging onto I-380 northbound.

Also, please note the IDOT says "drivers on northbound U.S. 218 and I-380 will notice traffic shift to the left onto the newly completed pavement in the median." Thankfully, that should make for a smoother ride through that area. However, the DOT goes on to say, "Drivers should anticipate delays in travel time."

Be cautious and enjoy the new, higher, and safer ramp. Just don't enjoy the view on your first several trips. Safety first. Here's a quick time-lapse of its construction.

This is the second new ramp to open at I-80 and I-380. The I-80 eastbound ramp to southbound Highway 218 opened on Thursday, December 10.

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