Luke Combs fans were in for a special treat recently when he decided to debut a brand new song called "Beer Never Broke My Heart" live in concert. He posted the song on Facebook Jan 26. The tune puts a creative spin on heartbreak, as Combs explains how his favorite cold beverage never hurt him.

On the song's first verse, Combs sings about all the things that have previously broken his heart. Accompanied by his guitar player, the stripped-down track puts the focus on Combs' powerful vocals and striking lyrics.

"I've had a large mouthed bass bust my line / A couple beautiful girls tell me goodbye / Trucks break down, dogs run off, politicians lie, gettin' fired by the boss / It takes one hand to count the things I can count on / There ain't much that ain't never let me down," he sings.

By the time Combs got to the chorus, he had the crowd hooked. Fans screamed along the moment he sang the first line in the chorus: "A longneck iced cold beer never broke my heart."

The remainder of the song further explained all the things that have let Combs down in the past: Football teams, diamond rings, and other such items. All the while, beer was there for him. Overall, it's a catchy song that strikes a chord—and over three million fans who heard the song seem to agree.

"That's another #1 single for sure. You are out there doing it better than anyone else," one fan comments on Facebook. Another thinks the same, adding, "I have watched this so many times . . . shared it with folks and gotta say...I agree and Luke you never let us down. Another hit."

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