Luke Bryan will kick off his tenth-annual Farm Tour on Sept. 27, and it will be the usual down-home farm fun — well, with some surprises and special guests this year.

While the superstar wouldn't give too much away during a media call ahead of the 10th anniversary tour launch this week, he tells Taste of Country that the 2018 Farm Tour will be worth the travel time and price of the ticket.

"When I get on stage and start enjoying the crowds and having fun and interacting with everybody there's no telling what will happen," Bryan says. "I don't know if the shows will go longer. I do have some special guests coming out in Georgia and Iowa that you'll hear about. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag yet."

"The main thing is, hopefully show up, put on a great show and have fun, and make it really, really worth the fans' time and money," he insists.

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Bryan's six-city tour will run from Sept. 27 to Oct. 6. He's bringing along Chase Rice, Jon Langston, the Peach Pickers and DJ Rock, plus those surprise guests he wouldn't name. Each night, the acts perform on stages set up in the fields of local farmers. As a token of his appreciation, Bryan often brings the farmer or land owner onstage to thank them publicly. He says it's an idea he had on his first Farm Tour in 2009.

"I wanted to go the extra mile and give a round of applause to the farmers and celebrate the farmers. This is a very big ask when you ask a farmer, 'Hey can we bring 15-20,000 people to your land?' When they sign on for that we want to honor them and show our respects and our appreciation for the land owner and the farmer," Bryan explains.

Bryan has partnered with Bayer for four years of his Farm Tour to honor a local farmer at each concert as well as help fight hunger in the U.S. with the Here's to the Farmer hashtag. When fans share #HeresToTheFarmer on social media, Bayer will donate a meal to a hungry family through Feeding America.

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