Luke Bryan is having a ball judging American Idol — he can't get enough of the auditions!

"We have some people that are so talented that I've had some of the producers of the show send me their auditions, just because I love to sit there and watch the auditions," Bryan reveals in a Buzzfeed News profile that ran on March 10.

Unlike other reality competitions, like the ABC show's competitor, The Voice, Idol airs a lot of the more unfavorable auditions in addition to the incredible ones. But Bryan says the talent is far from mediocre.

"They're that good ... I don't want to give up too many secrets, but the beauty of it, what’s gotten me really pumped, is they're so polished and they're already artists in their own right," he says.

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Only a few episodes into the second season of the second installment of the show (which moved from its Fox home to ABC in 2018), there have been a number of spine-tingling auditions. What sets American Idol apart — and really, what pulls views in — is that hopefuls get time to tell their backstories, and many of them are heart-wrenchingly compelling.

The judges have already shed tears this season, learning more about the beautiful people behind the great voices.

"They have stories that are so intriguing that pull you in. The American Idol journey is about telling their stories and background," Bryan says.

Bryan is busy with his judging gig, but he's still nominated for Entertainer of the Year and Single of the Year at the 2019 ACM Awards. The show will air live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 7 via CBS.

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