Imagine having Stage 4 cancer and going to the doctor for another set of body scans to see if it has spread to other parts of your body, being told it hasn't and then going to a concert of your favorite artist to celebrate... and then getting a song sung specifically to you!

Well, that happened to Marshalltown resident Tahler Wildman at a Garth Brooks stadium tour last weekend in St. Louis! Wildman and her husband are huge fans of Garth Brooks (they have been to a total of five of his concerts!) and decided to go to the concert to celebrate the fact that her cancer had not spread to another part of her body. Wildman even made a sign which said "I am a Prizefighter diagnosed @ 28 w/ Stage 4.”

Garth Brooks just happened to have seen that sign in the middle of one of his sets and decided to do something special for Wildman. After seeing her sign, Brooks said, “You know what? I might have a song for you. Let me see,” and started in on the song Standing Outside the Fire. Wildman was overwhelmed with the special shout out and gratitude and even said it was a concert she will never forget.

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