Now that we’ve all had our fill of beer, let’s turn to a more subtle, yet equally enjoyable pastime of most Iowans. Wine!

Discovering a fine wine is like making a new friend. The possibilities seem endless!

Let me steer you east to Park Farm Winery, a family owned and operated winery nestled in the rolling hills near Bankston, Iowa just west of Dubuque.

According to their website, they opened in 2005 and produce a wide variety of award-winning wines, including some old-world French-hybrids along with a few newer varieties that have local wine connoisseurs buzzing.

Their eleven-acre estate grows a specific cold-climate kind of grapes, able to withstand the shortened growing season and harsh Midwest winters.

Park Farms features a wine-tasting room, along with a new wood-fire pizza oven and rental spaces for weddings, concerts and gatherings.

They’re open year-round and are open Fridays through Mondays. Check them out here and enjoy!


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