All it takes is one scratch ticket and your life could change forever. A Linn County man is experiencing the lottery dream after winning a top prize by playing one of the Iowa Lottery's premium scratch tickets.

How many times have you been standing in line at a gas station looking at all the scratch ticket options and wondered, "I wish I knew which one was the big winner." A Linn County man is wondering no more. According to a press release from the Iowa Lottery, Kevin Dudley of Coggon, Iowa purchased one of the Iowa Lottery's 'Premiere' scratch ticket games. Each ticket costs $30 and features 17 top prizes of $300,000. There are also 84 prize giveaways of $30,000 and the game has overall odds of 1 in 2.39, according to the Iowa Lottery.

via Iowa Lottery
via Iowa Lottery

It turns out those odds were in Kevin's favor! He purchased his $30 ticket at Hometown Market at 9 South Ave. in Central City. After scratching away like so many of us have done before, Kevin realized he had a winner. But he didn't just earn his $30 back. He won one of the top prizes on the 'Premiere' tickets of $300,000. Now that is one heck of a payday!

I've never been very lucky on scratch tickets. You could buy two tickets, let me pick which one to scratch, and I guarantee the other ticket would be the winner. Perhaps I should ask Kevin for some lottery advice! Congratulations to Kevin Dudley of Coggon on his HUGE Iowa Lottery win!

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