When you go through life you tell yourself little lies, pretty much on a daily basis, to help keep yourself motivated and in a good frame of mind. Then there are the lies that you tell yourself so much, you start believing them, and they turn into reality.

If you're from Iowa, most folks love living here, with the four seasons, wide-open spaces, and great people. But, sometimes it's a struggle to live here, so you have to tell yourself little lies to get by. For instance, you'll find a lot of Iowan's who say, "I've got a sweatshirt/hoody on, I'll be fine". Will you be fine? We all know you're secretly freezing, but you're just too proud to admit it. You're every parent's nightmare. Every Mom and Dad has uttered these words, "What if you get stranded in your car in a ditch and left for dead? Then you'll thank me you wore your coat!" We also try to "psych" ourselves up for the cold months by thinking, "winter won't be that bad this year." Then when we're struggling through it, we try to convince ourselves that it's not that bad, thinking "the suns out, it can't be that cold outside" or "it wouldn't be that cold if it weren't for the wind".

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Lies That Iowan's Tell Themselves

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