The largest adventure park in the U.S. will be opening in less than three months.

The Forge: Lemont Quarries and will be located on 300 acres outside of Lemont, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Those who dare to take it on can expect a challenging day. Here's what it will include.

The Forge will feature a 120-foot zipline, the tallest zipline in North America. That's the height of an 11-story building, but it won't be the tallest in the adventure park. That belongs to a 12-story tower that will look like the Sears Tower in Chicago has split. The park will have three towers in all, and they'll provide well over 250 different challenges to climb and work your way through. There will also be biking trails, climbing walls, water activities, trails, a fully-netted playground for kids, and more.

According to Forbes, it will open May 25 and be open year-round.

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