People have been flocking to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin the last couple of winters to see the breathtaking, man-made Ice Castles exhibit, but did you know there are actually a couple of nature-made ice caves you can check out too?

Have You Ever Been to the Sea Caves Apostle Island National Lakeshore?

When doing a little hunt for winter fun in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin, I came across an article on about these sea caves you could explore in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Seeing these sea caves would require about a 7 1/2-hour drive from Cedar Rapids and a bit of a hike when you arrive, but the sights that await you sound WELL worth the trip!

These Sea Caves can be seen along the Meyers Beach Sea Cave Trail, but prime viewing of the caves does require navigating some of the more challenging points of the trail, especially if you attempt it in the winter.

Only In Your State says;

The lakeshore is spectacular – the trail offers hikers panoramic views of the cave overlooks and an area called “the Bowl.” You may hear some loud booming or popping sounds on your hike. Don’t be alarmed – that’s caused by the waves crashing into the caves!

Slippery, snowy conditions make the rugged terrain a little tricky in the winter, but these sea caves are also a hotspot for kayakers in the summer months. You can even book a guided kayak tour if you really want to get up close and personal with these amazing sea caves. Did we just find a 2022 family vacation idea? I'm thinking so! Find out more about the Apostle Island National Lakeshore, a.k.a the "Jewels of Lake Superior", here.

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