Fewer donations during their annual Red Kettle campaign means that the Salvation Army is having to make some cuts to their programs. Waterloo major Harold Poff says that there are many people who depend on the Salvation Army for hot meals which made the cuts even tougher.

Poff says that those in need can still get food, just not in the same way they're used to. Hot meals will now be served 2 days a week in Waterloo and the food pantry will be open three days. Part of the reason for the drop in money raised is the lack of a key position. Poff says that once they have someone in place that can help with community and donor relations, some of the problems could be resolved.

Walk in social services will continue to be offered in the city and Poff said that the changes will NOT affect any of the Salvation Army shelters in the city.


[via KWWL]

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