Nearly 100 full and part-time employees of Klein Tools in Cedar Rapids will be out of a job within the next two years. The Illinois based company announced that it will be closing it's Cedar Rapids distribution center and building a new one in Texas.

Klein, which manufactures hand tools, announced that it will be moving distribution operations out of Cedar Rapids and into Mansfield, Texas. The company currently employs 55 full-time workers and 40 temporary employees at its center on 6th street SW in Cedar Rapids. Company officials say some of those employees will receive offers to relocate to the new center in Texas.

In a release, the company says that the move will allow it to "save on costs while streamlining its supply chain process." The 175,000 square foot center in Cedar Rapids will stay open until the new building in Texas is completed. The Cedar Rapids site has been in operation since 1981.


[via Gazette]

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