It hasn't appeared on the field at Kinnick Stadium since the end of the 1980 season, the second under Hayden Fry. That's a LONG time ago, but this fall the Tigerhawk returns to midfield at Kinnick. It sure looks good, doesn't it?

Kinnick Stadium Field
via U of I Sports Information

The Tigerhawk will appear as it does in the rendering above, facing the Kinnick Stadium press box, and TV cameras. Why now? University of Iowa Director of Athletics Gary Barta said it was all about timing:

The current Kinnick Stadium renovation provided an opportunity to add the Tigerhawk to the field. It will provide another great touch to an already iconic stadium."

Adding the Tigerhawk to midfield now means it's not in the north end zone, anymore. I'm fine with that. It looks a whole lot better at the 50-yard line anyway. This begs just one question... does Herky the Hawk still plant the Hawkeye flag directly in the middle of the playing field and into that Hawkeye logo? I'm going to guess no. We'll find out September 2 when the season opens against Wyoming.

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