They needed a study to tell people this? According to research, kids like pets more than they do their siblings. Really...I never would have guessed. I know that if I asked my three kids who they liked more, our dog Rigby, or their siblings, the answer would be the dog, everytime. But parents, don't worry. Siblings still care about each other.

The study found the siblings do love each other, but they see themselves as competitors for everything from new toys and clothes to time with parents. They don't have that issue with a pet.

The study found that this is especially true with a dog as the family pet. It found that kids feel comfortable sharing secrets and feelings with a dog, even though it can't respond. The study found that dogs help families get along better too. A dog can cut down on family fights and have a positive impact on your kid's development and happiness. Thanks Rigby!


[via DailyMail]

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