Every week we honor another awesome teacher in the local area with our ‘Teacher of the Week’ award!

Congratulations to Benjamin Feight, a teacher at Prairie Heights Elementary School in Cedar Rapids! He is this week’s ‘Teacher of the Week!’ He was nominated by Amber Schaldecker, and here’s what she had to say:

"I would like to nominate Benjamin Feight for the Teacher of the week award. He is always a positive and fun role model to all of his students. He teaches his students different ways of learning through technology (e.g., building a Robot, playing Mario Cart with using a peach and an apple as the controller). He is often seen in his Superman cape teaching math as “Super Math Man.” He makes learning for his students fun and you can always count on him to go the extra mile. Mr. Feight always finds time to volunteer and take on extra activities after school. He volunteers at almost every school activity. He has been a running buddy to students that need one and a chicken at a school carnival, and he has served popcorn to kids, done a media event for a student's parent that has cancer, and attended the art clay exhibit for his students' projects. Please considerer Mr. Feight for this award. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher to my student and the Kenwood Leadership Academy. He currently teaches at Prairie Heights. I have never seen a teacher more involved in his students' activities. He truly deserves this award hands down."

For being an amazing teacher, Benjamin will be receiving gift cards from Wild Hogs in Walford, Half-Price Books, and Kathy’s Pies!

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