School is back in session, which means our 'Teacher of the Week' contest is back, too!

A great teacher makes learning easy and fun, but many of us understand that a great teacher can also help shape who you are and point you in the right career direction. Both Brain and I can still name the teachers that made impacts on our lives when we were in school.

We know we have some of those amazing teachers here in Eastern Iowa, and we also know those teachers don't always get the appreciation that they deserve. That's where our 'Teacher of the Week' award comes in!

If you or your child has or had an incredible educator in recent years, recognize them by nominating them to be one of our 2019-2020 winners. All we need is their name, the school that they teach at, and a few sentences about why they deserve to be our 'Teacher of the Week.' From preschool all the way to college... as long as the teacher is teaching here in Eastern Iowa, they're eligible to win! Each winning teacher will be honored on the air and online, plus they'll get a couple of gift cards to Wild Hogs in Walford and Half Price Books.

We will announce our first winner next Friday, September 6th, so get your teacher nominated now by clicking HERE*.

*You only need to nominate your teacher once - once they are in the contest, they are eligible to win for the entire school year

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