I got engaged in August of 2017 and now it's time for the wedding planning. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows, it's a lot. It's crazy how many things go into a wedding that you don't think about until you're actually planning one.

The latest dilemma has two parts. The first problem is that we need a first dance song. I've been looking at lists and we've got a couple ideas, but nothing has really stood out to us thus far. Help! What are some great first dance songs?

Also, we would love to take some dance lessons to prepare us for the big day. After all, that is the time when everyone's eyes are going to be on us, so we'd like to be somewhat prepared. And when I say "we", I'm more meaning my fiance Josh. He could use some lessons. What are some places in the area to take dance lessons that aren't expensive? I mean, the wedding itself is expensive enough!

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated!

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