What happens when a country music idol from Australia meets an Academy Awards-winning actress from Australia? For Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, it was love at first sight!

A whirlwind romance for the books began when Urban met Kidman at an Australian-focused event in 2005. By the end of 2006, they were married. Now together for a decade and a half, the country music star and his equally talented wife have been through plenty of life's highs and lows together: From Urban's past struggles with drug abuse, the death of Urban's father in 2015 and Kidman's father's death in 2014, to the birth of their two daughters, Sunday Rose (in 2008) and Faith Margaret (in 2010), Urban and Kidman have leaned on and supported each other.

Everything that Urban and Kidman have endured, however, has only made their love stronger, it seems. Whether it's at country music awards shows or big-time movie premieres, Urban and Kidman are always there for each other, standing side by side and ready to show off their sweet love with candid snuggles and steamy kisses.

Click through the photo gallery below to take a walk down memory lane with Urban and Kidman. These two might just be the most supportive, photogenic and lovely power couple in country music and in Hollywood!

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