Have you ever faked a sick day? C'mon, it's a simple question to answer. My belief is that we have all called into work saying we're sicker than we actually are. How's that for a cop-out answer. A new survey found that 52% of American workers admit to faking a sick day, and here are their reasons why.

The survey asked people why they call in sick. After all, sick days can be taken for a variety of different reasons. But the majority of people said they take sick days because, well, they're sick! Right behind that reason is that they need to take a mental health break, and then they're ill, but not too sick to go into work. Another common reason is that they're just plain tired. All those reasons seem to be fairly common and for the most part acceptable.

But then things get a little sketchy. Other reasons for taking a sick day include, not feeling like going into work, car issues, hungover, friends are off, and...get this...interviewing for another job! There were some other common reasons for missing work too. Those included chronic pain, childcare, or funerals, or breakups.

The survey of 2,000 workers found that Monday is the most common day to call in sick. No surprise there. And 1 in 3 workers has used a sick day following a holiday. The survey also looked at the states that call in sick the most. Congratulations to Connecticut! 70% of workers there admit to faking a sick day! Iowa ranked 34th, with around 47% of the population admitting that they've faked a sick day.


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