Keeping your kids entertained during social distancing. Sounds like the name of a catchy book I'll write in the next several months. I'm sure that many parents out there could contribute a chapter or two as we're all in this together! Rah-rah phrases like that don't exactly keep the kiddos entertained, but I will say this. My three kids are handling all of this in stride.

First of all, let's state the obvious. Kids today don't have much to complain about. They have high-speed internet that powers their game systems, phones, and streaming services. Social distancing? More like a day that ends in 'Y'! My 15-year-old son Chase takes full advantage of technology. He's a gamer and spends a lot of time on his Xbox. But so do tons of his friends. At least he gets to talk to them every day since he can't see them in school.

Yes, the girls enjoy their share of gaming and videos too, but they're a bit more complicated. They just need 'more' to do. Carly has taken to cooking. She loves baking cookies and helping me make pancakes. Cayleigh is my arts and crafts kid. She loves drawing, painting and everything in between. With some help from Holly, the girls did a little project in the driveway last night. It turned out great.

Holly Brainard
Holly Brainard

I know my kids should be in school. They would like to be there too, believe it or not. But having them at home has also been a lot of fun. It's great to see their creative sides and the smiles on their faces when they accomplish something. And Lord knows we could all use plenty of smiles these days.


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