Here's one of those good deed stories that will make you SMILE!

Brian Maixner, an employee at the Do-Dah Diner in Wichita, Kansas, is known for being an AWESOME server. The only thing is, Brian doesn't like to smile because of how his teeth look. Well, that's all changed, because now Brian has a new set of teeth, thanks to one of his customers. An Oklahoma lawyer named Fred Boettcher came into the restaurant, and he liked Brian so much, that he offered to tip him with a new smile.

A few weeks later, and Brian now has a perfect set of dentures! Those will be replaced with dental implants in a few months, once his mouth heals up. An expert estimated that all of this dental work would cost an estimated $25,000, but Brian hasn't seen a bill.

Give it up for Fred Boettcher! What a nice guy! You can see Brian's before and after pics HERE. He looks like a totally new person!

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