I can't tell you how many discussions I've had with people the past few days about paying college athletes. It's a hot button issue because two Iowa legislators have introduced a bill similar to the one passed in California earlier this year. It paves the way for college athletes to earn money off their image and likeness. It's generating a ton of buzz and one of Iowa's top basketball players recently chimed in.

Iowa's Jordan Bohannon recently sat down with CBS 2 for an exclusive interview about expanding the rights of college athletes. He talked about watching his brother go to the Final Four with Wisconsin and seeing stars like Drake and the Duck Dynasty brothers at the event. He realized then that the NCAA was a business and that the rules needed to change.

What is being suggested in the new law isn't paying athletes a salary. It's letting them make money off something they should already own. Their name. And yes, the more popular the athlete, the more opportunities for endorsements they would have. That's how the economy works! And this money they earned isn't coming from the school or the NCAA, it's coming from private businesses.

I personally agree with Bohannon on this topic. Why should an English major be able to make money off a book they write, or a Music major make money off a performance if athletes can't do the same? C'mon NCAA, the hypocrisy needs to end.

You can view Bohannon's interview HERE.

[via CBS2]

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