Iowa basketball fans still hoping that Joe Wieskamp returns for his senior season were dealt a blow last week when he and fellow former Hawkeye Luka Garza were both invited to the NBA Combine in Chicago. Only the top 60 players get an invite. It cemented both as serious NBA Draft possibilities. Well, after day one of the combine, it appears Wieskamp's stock is on the rise!

Day one of the NBA Draft Combine is about measurables, and Wieskamp surprised many with how he stacked up. 247Sports reports that Wieskamp posted an impressive vertical jump of 42 inches. He also measured nearly 6'8" and has an impressive wingspan of 6'11''! Those numbers allowed Wieskamp to shoot over college defenders and should also translate well to the NBA.

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Wieskamps's vertical was the second highest of the day, and 247Sports reports that he performed well in lateral movement drills too. As one scout described Wieskamp, "he's always been a plus shooter with versatility...I think he's a bit of an underrated finisher at the rim." That is one part of Wieskamp's game that needs some work. Many wonder at nearly 6'8'', why didn't he finish at the rim more often. I don't know. Maybe it's because he shot 46% from behind the arc!

The measurables look good, but now the real fun begins at the NBA Combine. The players will start competing 5 on 5 to show scouts how their games will look at the next level. Here's hoping both Wieskamp and Garza leave it all on the floor and represent Iowa in the NBA!


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