Comedians have a tough job these days. How do you talk about current events without ticking off half of your audience? Yes, I'm talking about politics. Jeff Dunham brought his puppets and stand up act to the U.S. Cellular Center Wednesday night. Along with highlights from Walter, Peanut, and Bubba J, there was also jokes about political topics, sexual harassment, and more.

Jeff Dunham is never going to be confused for an edgy comedian. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't  land a few haymakers now and then. Tackling political topics is risky. You take the chance of alienating half of your audience. So when Jeff pulled out his new character last night, Bob the Presidential Adviser, I got a bit nervous. Not because I didn't think it wouldn't be funny, but because of what the reaction of the crowd might be. I thought Jeff played it right. Let's face it, even if you are a Trump supporter you have to admit being his adviser would be a stressful position! Jeff played off that perfectly. He jabbed Trump a couple of times but also took digs at Obamacare and the Clintons. Equal opportunity comedy.

The rest of the show was vintage Dunham. Walter was salty, Bubba J was an idiot, Peanut was crazy, and Achmed wanted to kill us all. Something that didn't bother me but might have if I'd taken my kids to the show was the language. Dunham has built his empire on a fairly family-friendly show. But there were plenty of f-bombs and other expletives uttered. Now, I as an adult come to expect that at a live comedy show, even if it's Jeff Dunham. But I can see how some parents who may have taken kids to a show featuring puppets might have had a few objections.

The bottom line for me is that Jeff Dunham remains at the top of his game. There are fewer funnier acts on stage today, even if he has to share that stage with the little people in the boxes.

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