This week has felt a little bit more like 'normal' here at KHAK. We had some more members of our office staff return on Monday. And we have the return of Furry Friday's! We have missed our furry friends so much! You can be having the toughest day or week ever, but when we get to meet a new dog that is up for adoption and tell his or her story, things somehow seem just a little bit brighter. This week we got to meet the friendliest dog ever, Peanut.

Peanut is a pit bull mix and is around three or four years old. He came to Safe Haven of Iowa County as a stray. But this boy is such a sweetheart! He gets along with people, dogs, and even cats! His tail didn't stop wagging the entire time he visited. He also loved picking things up and carrying them around the KHAK studio. He was so helpful!

If you have room in your home and your heart, we know that Peanut would make the perfect addition to your family! He does already have some people interested, so make sure and get your application filled out with Safe Haven of Iowa County soon!

Once again, we are so happy to have Furry Friday's back with us! We're happy to once again be working with Safe Haven of Iowa Couty, Dogs Forever, Last Hope Animal Shelter, and Saint. These are all no-kill shelters who do a wonderful job of taking care if their animals until they find their forever home. Please help us support them in any way you can!

*Furry Friday is sponsored by Theisen's Home Farm Auto.

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