Long before she was Jason Aldean's wife and a mom to babies Memphis and Navy, Brittany Kerr was an NBA dancer auditioning for American Idol.

The hopeful contestant tried out in 2012 for Season 11 of the reality television singing series and quickly won over judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson. As the blonde beauty walked into the room, Aerosmith's Tyler was immediately smitten.

"I say yes!" he exclaimed upon meeting her gaze. When asked what song she would be singing for Tyler, Jackson and Jennifer Lopez, a soft spoken Kerr responded that she'd prepared Joss Stone's "Spoiled." The North Carolina native quickly had the guys on her side, but J-Lo was hesitant.

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"Great, that did it for me. I liked that," Jackson said, stopping her after the first verse. While Lopez remarked that "she's adorable," Tyler agreed but urged Kerr to sing more powerfully.

"I think that's good. I like it. I liked your melody. You're on pitch and you're good lookin,'" he told her. "You just gotta push it out a little bit more. Listen to some old blues and listen to the words and when it comes time to sing it, project like that."

Although both Jackson and Tyler thought Kerr had something special to make it on American Idol, J-Lo disagreed.

"I'm going to say no this time. I'm sorry, sweetie," she said. "I thought she had a pretty voice, it just wasn't strong enough. She's not going to survive a week."

Kerr managed to get the ticket to go to Hollywood thanks to two yes verdicts, but J-Lo's prediction came true — she was knocked out before the contestants performed in front of a live audience. Kerr was one of 301 singers that made it to Hollywood, but only 98 contestants advanced after that.

While she may not have become the winner on American Idol, she did win Aldean's heart! The two were married in 2015.

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