Kids eat the darndest things!

I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday evening when I came across an article from a site called Petty Mayonnaise. It interested me because they were discussing weird childhood eating habits, and I DEFINITELY had a few of those!

The conversation began with a tweet from an NPR host Sam Sanders. His tweet read:

"Tell me your Weirdest eating/drinking habit you had as a kid! I’ll go first: When I was like 8 years old, I used to carry a little bottle of apple cider vinegar around wherever I went, taking a swig every now and then like a lush w/his flask."

This one tweet has sparked some hilarious responses from Twitter users, covering everything from mashed-up Cheez-It sandwiches, to pieces of paper, to cereal with 7-Up instead of milk, to Kraft grated parmesan cheese by the spoonful. Read some of the best tweets HERE.

I definitely ate a little bit of loose-leaf paper when I was young (mainly I just rolled it up into a ball and chewed on it), but I also developed a habit that I haven't been able to break as an adult. Whenever I have a glass of milk, I absolutely have to have 1-2 ice cubes in it. I can't drink it unless it's ice cold! I also used to eat sour cream out of the tub with a spoon, but that's enough about me... what about you?!

We asked listeners on Facebook about some of their weird childhood eating habits, and here are some of the responses:

Now it's your turn to share! What's a weird eating/drinking habit you had as a kid? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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