If there's one thing we've learned from this winter already, it's that it needs the same disclaimer as the stock market: Past performance does not guarantee future results. Isn't that the truth?! Just six weeks ago, we were breezing along toward spring. Now, you need a snowblower, shovel, and steel-spiked shoes just to get through another day.

Just look at the way the weather has turned on winter haters in favor of winter lovers. You should also know that, according to CBS 2, the 37.9 inches of snow in 38 days is the most Cedar Rapids has EVER received in that number of days, no matter the month(s). Record keeping goes back 126 years in Cedar Rapids. yay. Pardon my lack of excitement. Is it over yet?! Unfortunately, not even close.

Thus far this winter, Cedar Rapids has received 42.2 inches of snow, more than a foot above the total for an average winter in the city. 16.8 inches of snow has fallen in February, making it the 5th-snowiest in Cedar Rapids history. Already.

Considering the forecast for overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, jumping into third is a distinct possibility.

That 42.2 inches that's fallen this winter makes it the 23rd snowiest winter in Cedar Rapids history. However, with snow likely tonight and possible again this weekend and next week, a quick leap into the Top 10 looks feasible, if not likely. yay.

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