Jason Aldean isn’t a Tennessee native, so it seems a little off-brand for him to name his first son Memphis. Or maybe not?

He surprised fans with the name in early September, but didn’t explain why he and his wife Brittany chose the unique moniker for their first child together. It turns out, Aldean's love of Elvis was a bit influence.

“I’ve kinda been infatuated with Elvis since I was a kid, just always watching documentaries and stuff on him,” he tells Country Countdown USA. “It had a little bit to do with that and, honestly, I just wanted him to have something that wasn’t very common.”

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Though he’s said he didn’t want his son’s name to be too out there — a la Kanye West's kid, North — he didn’t want his kid’s name to be too traditional, either.

“I’m sure he’s gonna meet people with the name Memphis — he won’t be the only one, but, you know, at least I think it’s unique enough where  ... it won’t be like Michael or John or, you know, Jason. And that was kinda what we were going for,” Aldean adds.

Memphis’s middle name will be the same as Jason's: Aldine (Aldean changed the spelling for his stage name). “I want to carry that name on. It was my grandfather’s name. So it’s kind of a family name. So that’s what we’re going with," he explains.

The couple is ecstatic to welcome a boy into the family, as Aldean has two daughters from a previous marriage and most of their family has girls.

“It’s actually the first boy on either side of family in quite a while. My sister has three girls; I have two; my wife’s sister has two girls. So it’s all girls, no boys. This is going to be the first one. We’re excited!” he said on the Today show.

Brittany is now 30 weeks pregnant, according to her Instagram, and the couple will be welcoming Memphis into the world around the holidays — likely early December.

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