The latest celebrity to embrace the tiny house trend (let's face it, there aren't too many of them, actually) is Jake Owen, who has made a dramatic move from a huge Tennessee estate he purchased from Loretta Lynn to a teeny abode that's a fraction of the square footage he owned before.

In recent interview with the Bobby Bones Show, the singer explained to the radio host that he's fully embraced small-scale living ... and he means really small-scale.

"I'm not lying to you," Owen emphasizes. "It's 400 square feet. And I love it!"

Given that his former house was 4,918 square feet, that means that Owen basically downsized to a remarkable 1/10th of the room he had before.

Owen explains that part of his reason for choosing the small house was convenience. "What happened is, I sold my house, not thinking I was going to sell it that fast," he relates. "I put it on the market on a Monday, and it sold on a Wednesday. [The buyers] wanted to be in basically by Christmas."

Owen had already bought a piece of property in the same area as his old home, which he said "was a dream" for him to own — but the catch was, he didn't have an actual house on the land to live in. He decided to look into tiny homes in order to get a habitat going as soon as possible, and "I got one out there."

The house was driven out to Owen, and as he notes, "It's amazing to see your house coming at you!"

Owen's former home boasted four bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths, a fully appointed workout room and a built-in recording studio that has enough space for live drums. Click through the gallery below to get an idea of its space and grandeur. We're pretty sure he won't be doing much live drumming in his new house!

See Pics of Jake Owen's Former Mansion

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