Eastern Iowa, get ready for the magic of a full Jake Owen show. I say that because the last time he performed in Cedar Rapids, Jake left a sold-out Paramount Theatre crowd begging for more, with his "Down to the Tiki Tonk Acoustic Tour 2020." It was February 28, 2020. Shortly thereafter, our world was brought to a halt by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite everything that's happened in the last year, Jake Owen's career has done nothing but get even hotter. He's hit the top spot on the country charts twice, with "Homemade" and his current multi-week number one song, "Made For You." I bet there are plenty of other people who saw him perform that at the Cedar Rapids show last year and thought, 'That's a smash hit.' That makes nine number one songs for Jake in his career.

This time with his full band, Jake Owen will return to Cedar Rapids to perform at the McGrath Amphitheatre on Sunday, August 15. Details on the show are available HERE.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 21, but there's a special KHAK presale on Thursday. We'll be sending all the presale specifics out via the free KHAK app Wednesday afternoon. Download it HERE and turn on Concerts/Events alerts and we'll send the information directly to your phone.

We also have two ways for you to win tickets this week. Brain and Courtlin will be playing Jake Owen-oke all week. They'll play a clip of one of Jake's hits and, if you can sing the next line, you win a pair of tickets.

We'll also be giving a new codeword on the air multiple times each day. Just message us each word from your KHAK app for a chance to win. Brain and Courtlin will announce a winner each morning.

If Jake Owen's Cedar Rapids concert this year is even half as good as last year's, you're not going to want to miss it.

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