6 students at Belle Plaine have all qualified for the state wrestling tournament. 4 of these students are cut from the same cloth. Ethan, Connor, Andrew, and Aiden are like 4 foxes in a hen house, 4 drops of water, or 4 peas in a pod. Simply put, they're related.

In sports, you often hear teams becoming like family. When you're on a high school sports team, you spend so much time together. Not only are you (normally) in the same school and possibly have the same classes together but you practice every day together, you ride the bus to and from games together, and it can sometimes feel like you spend more time with your teammates than your actual family. For these 4 Belle Plaine students, "becoming like family" was pretty easy.

Connor Timm and Ethan Argo are cousins and are both seniors at Belle Plaine. They both signed up for wrestling at the same time as little kids. Connor Timm told KCRG,

We always went to different weekend tournaments as little kids. Both our parents signed us up at the same time.

Connor and Ethan both acquired younger brothers Andrew and Aiden. Just like in most families, there was always a bit of sibling/cousin rivalry. As the saying goes "boys will be boys" and these family members would get into the occasional fight. Andrew Argo told KCRG,

We’ve always grown up kind of getting into fights when we were little.

Having 1 family member around to help push you to be better at whatever you want to do would be considered a blessing to most people. Having a brother and 2 cousins...it's no surprise all 4 of them have qualified for state. Aiden Timm told KCRG, his older brother Connor helped push him the most.

I would say it definitely had an impact. Connor has probably pushed me the most.

On the Bell Plaine wrestling team, it's not about the individual, it's everyone. If you would've stopped by their practice this week, you would've seen more than just the students who qualified for state. The entire team was at practice on Tuesday (Feb-14).

Jack Schwenn and Chase Wickwire also qualified for state from Belle Plaine.



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