When you go to the gas station and fill your car up with gas, you might want to start paying more attention to exactly how much gas is being put into your tank.

Most of the time when I'm filling up with gas, I grab the pump, pull the lever, lock it in place, and stare off into the distance. I normally just wait to hear the pump shut off, put my gas cap back on, and continue with my day. If your gas routine sounds similar to mine, it turns out we might be doing this wrong.

Sherwood Cooke Jr is the owner of Royalty Auto Service and he has a social media video that has racked up more than 1 million views about how much gas we're putting into our cars.

Unsplash - Rock Staar
Unsplash - Rock Staar

Quit Overfilling Your Gas Tank

Sherwood is warning people about putting too much gas into your car. In his video, he uses a 2014 Ford Explorer to drive his point home. According to the Daily Dot, the vehicle is plagued with starting issues that were believed to come from a dead battery.

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It turns out that there is a much more significant issue from fuel system mismanagement. The spark plugs are soaked in fuel due to the gas tank being overfilled.



"After much going around and figuring things out… what had happened was he had filled his gas tank up… he overfilled his gas tank."

Yikes. I have surely pulled the pump handle trying to get the price as close as I can to an even number and it turns out that you should never do more than 1 click when the pump shuts off.

Cook explains that overfilling your gas tank can become a massive issue. Whether you damage your purge valves or your entire engine, it can lead to expensive problems and repairs if you're constantly doing this.

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