THIS IS NOT A JOKE. There are literally spiders falling from the sky in Australia.

In certain parts of Australia, people have been reporting spiders floating down from the sky and covering their homes and property in piles of silk. According to scientists, this is because of a form of spider transportation known as "ballooning." Spiders will climb up to a high area, then release silk that floats them away in the wind. It's apparently not an uncommon occurrence. What IS uncommon about the Australia situation, is that millions of spiders are doing it all at once and are all landing in the same place. Don't worry, it's not a spider apocalypse, it just means that many spiders were ready to migrate, but haven't been able to because of weather conditions. And then, while they were finally able to balloon, there was an abrupt change in the wind or weather that brought them all down in the same place. 

After hearing about all of this, I am totally DONE with the entire continent of Australia. DONE. Australia is DEAD TO ME. Giant snakes, wild animals, scorpions, insects that want to murder you, and now flying spiders? Why do people even live there?!

This is what nightmares are made of.

See pictures and read more about ballooning HERE and HERE.


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